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This is just a page where you can get some info/ listen to most of our songs. You can either stream them (white icon) or download them (green icon) make sure to right click the green one and select "save target as" (pc) or "download link to disk" (mac) You might have to fill out a short form from to DL, as they host our music.




"The Bliss of MTNOCA"

MTNOCA = Murder that no one cares about. This somewhat Jazzy, somewhat dancey piece of electronica is a must hear of WYD's. "A visual experience," some say, "a disturbing one, " quote others. What will you say about this? Listen, and find out.

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A piece starting out with Tonedef's funky guitar Wah-wahs, and changing into a stringsy piece of the same nature. You truly must listen to this yourself to get the real description. This song has not been fully released yet, we have just put it up on our acidplanet site to try to get some reviews. It is avaliable for download there, but you have to have an account. ACIDPLANET SITE


"Carol for an Athiest"

This is a song that was first made by The kANMAN, and is still being perfected by wYd as a whole. It starts out with a club beat, then gets into the main theme, but make sure to wait 'till the end, because soon enough at about 3:40, the melody changes into a soothing piano melody. I hope you all enjoy this one.


"Fire of the Eye"

This is a song that was first made by tonedef, and is also being worked on by all of WYD. A upbeat song at 170 bpm, the most fitting

genre for this song would prolly be club. Listen away!


"A devotchka's theme"

This song was actually made completley by the kanman, but, it's our theme. Contains some organs and a little bit of sampling from the great film "A Clockwork Orange" (which is, if you havent already figured it out, where we got our name from" This song is also not currently up on, but it will be soon. Is is also availiable for downloading on the ACIDPLANET SITE


Well, that's it for now! Hope for more songs (or even an album) to show up soon!