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The official WYD store. You can buy some really cool t-shirts and mugs and boxers and stuff that we use/wear in everyday life! Be just like us, while supporting us at the same time!

P.S. - Your friends will like you alot more if you buy the fuktee

Mint Royale, a sweet ass dance band from the great country of England. Check out some of their stuff NOW.
A major influence to us. Trust me, you'll thank us.

Bran Van 3000, a band from Canada. They play many different styles of music, everything from Rap to Disco. Some electronica in there too. Check them out if you want.

The Crystal Method, another major influence. They are mainly a mix of techno and rock, we really like their sweet-ass unique style.

The craziest band you have ever heard in your life. Just look at the cover of their CD, a monkey eating a plant. Their music jumps all over the place, but its all electonica. Some jazz, funk, disco, and pop are all mixed in.

A great place to buy good Techno over the net. If you aren't sure how each Techno genre is defined, this is the site for you. You can listen to samples of a wide variety of Techno music. Check it out!

This is what online music is all about. Our band pretty much evolved from this site. Every song of ours is produced with Sonic Foundry's Acid 3.0. Tons of great artits post new songs every day. I seriously recommend that you check this site out if you are into music, or even if you aren't. Be sure to download the demo of Acid.