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WYD biography

Well WYD was origionaly started by The KaNmAn, and someone named Kirk. Now Kirk technically, is in the band, but really does nothing. The next to join the band was a solo techno artist: Tonedef. For a short period of time, there was someone disgustingly named "Fold" in the band. I had no part in accepting him into it, it was KaNmAn's decision. Fold succesfully made one loop in MTNOCA. Everyone on AP (Acid Planet) thought it was really gross. Concequentially, he was kicked out. Then, someone who knew more about Webpages than us named Angelo helped (pretty much did the whole thing) make this web page. That's about it. Yeah.




01 december 2002

another page overhaul, this one is hopefully better then the sun. New single out bythe kANmAN, but still nothing from us as a whole. Working on "Up to the Rigi" (the surprise) its a very fun song.. expect to hear a sample soon :)

07 august 2002

Okay, after a long summer off, we are finally back to work. Expect a remix of funked, (this one, hopefully. will be much better) and also, a new single (just wait and see.. its a surprise)

23 june 2002

Version 2.0 of the site is up! A GIGANTIC improvement over the previous version. You no longer have to have flash to use the page (although it looks much better with it)


9 may 2002

Finally, this damn page is up. We have the page working (I hope) and are currently working on our first album. Can't tell you the name yet.